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And they have managed to successfully reconcile these at times conflicting objectives with the completely new SKYACTIV range of engines, transmissions, car bodies and chassis that will go into the new generation of Mazda models launched in Europe starting in 2012.

Internal combustion engines will still power more than 80% of vehicles in 2020. Today’s versions operate at only 30% efficiency, however, so there is much room for improvement. Defying convention, Mazda’s engineers focused on internal combustion with one goal: achieving ideal combustion. Therein lies the basis for the new generation of Mazdas: featuring SKYACTIV technologies in all new-generation models — and not just pricey “green” models. This underscores the company’s uncompromising commitment to improving environmental sustainability, vehicle safety and driving dynamics.

One of Mazda’s core business objectives is to make personal mobility environmentally friendly and at the same time affordable for a broad section of the population. This is why, as mentioned, Mazda has made it the first priority to increase the efficiency of its internal combustion engines. The company’s R&D staffs in Hiroshima see the best means of achieving this at first in the significant optimization of processes within these conventional engines to steadily and broadly reduce fossil fuel consumption.

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